Yearbook Prices for 2018

Once again this year all of our Yearbook prices are unchanged. We offer three types of binding - as detailed below - so there's a book for every budget.

'Saddle Stitched' Soft Cover Books:
Up to 56 pages: €16 per copy.
Saddle stitched books have a stapled binding and are only suitable for Yearbooks with 56 pages or less.

'Perfect Bound' Soft Cover Books:
Up to 64 pages: €18 per copy.
From 65 - 84 pages: €20 per copy.
From 85 - 100 pages: €22 per copy.
More than 100 pages: Please contact us.

Need fewer pages? If your soft cover Yearbook has 48 pages or less we will be able to give you an even better price per copy, whatever type of binding you select.

Hardback Books are also available, with prices starting from €20 for a book with up to 60 pages. Please contact us for more information.

Note: the prices quoted above are based on a minimum order of 60 Yearbooks. If you require a smaller quantity, please contact us for a quote. If you are ordering 120+ books we’ll be able to give you an even better quote.

Deadlines: If you are looking for a book for a Secondary school, we will need to have heard from you by March 23rd 2018 if you want to have your book by mid-May.

For Primary schools, looking for books by mid-June, we will need to have heard from you by April 20th, 2018.

Contact Us

If you would like more information on our Yearbooks, or would like a free sample Yearbook, please contact us via email. Please include the name of your school or organisation. If you request a sample Yearbook remember to include a postal address.

A book for your Crèche, Primary School or Secondary School

Historically, our main focus has been on Yearbooks for Leaving Cert years, but we also design books for Transition Year classes, Primary Schools and Crèches. Whatever type of book you would like to print for your class, school or organisation, please contact us and we will provide you with all of the information you need.